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Wolf: technologically advanced solutions for your home

Dedication from the start

Since foundation Wolf have been earning its reputation by manufacturing products that meet all its consumers’ needs. Innovative technologies that are offered by this company ensure constant income which are absolutely justified. Its appliances are recommended by many people who bought it. And Wolf doesn’t stop! It develops and becomes better with every year.

Guarantees of quality

FQAR is appreciated by all its customers for its durability and convenience. Our repairmen are highly skilled and know what to do in any situation. FQAR workers always pick out the simplest and quickest way to fix everything. Our consultants are ready to advice you anytime. You shouldn’t put up with waiting on the line for hours only to make an appointment. FQAR ensures instant answers for all your questions.

Washer refit

Do you want to buy a washer that will be perfect for your home? Wolf makes washing machines that can please your needs. They are created with the latest technologies of washing with maximal saving energy and water resources to care about nature and your purse. Different sizes and forms allow choosing exactly what you expect. If after buying you understand that your new washer doesn’t work how it supposed to, you should call to figure out what happened. Call us and get a consultation!

Dryer maintenance

Dryers are common things for every house now. It saves a lot of money, especially, with having a washer. You don’t have to go anywhere and pay money for cleaning up your clothes or to wash and dry by your hands. Just load your appliances and wait for an amazing result. Enjoy their work for more time with FQAR services. Our handyman will do regular examinations to prevent damage and repair it at once. Contact us in any convenient way!

Ovens restore

You can feel like a chef of the famous restaurant with Wolf professional appliances. Thanks to abilities that Whirlpool stoves give, you can make meals for your pleasure. Cooking will stop being just a duty and will become a hobby. But if you see some signs of its failure, you must call FQAR immediately. These signs are:

  • Loud noise from an oven
  • Absence of temperature control
  • Sparkling
  • Overheating
  • Smell of gas

Contact us and FQAR specialists will find a cause and try to remove it as soon as possible.

Dishwasher mending

Wolf dishwasher is a sample of correct work and beautiful design. You won’t regret if you buy it. Without doubts your dishware will shine like a new one. You deserve high-quality dishwasher for your convenience. And with if your dishes become not so clean as they can be, you may contact us. Our handymen can restore your appliance for a little of time. Give us a call!

Fridge fixing

Function of fridge is significant for all people. Right food preserving ensures its flavor and your health. That’s why, it’s important to:

  • Install a fridge correctly
  • Clean it inside and outside
  • Check it out regularly
  • Keep it out from fire and another heating elements

If you do everything from this list, your freezer and refrigerator will serve for a long time. FQAR will help you in it. Contact us and get needed help!

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