Repairing in Woodstock has never been easier before 

Public utilities.  The Dairy Capital of Canada has developed a strong economic system and achieved great success in agricultural industry. However, while promoting itself as a friendly city for tourists and administration building, it became an inconvenient city for its residents. The need of local population for professional repairs brought us here. F.Q.A.R. appliance service came to Ontario region and in particular to Woodstock in order to provide sure-handed repairs at affordable prices. Our highest goal is to make sure that all Canadians have access to first-class fixing service. Be it cities, towns or villages in rural areas. In the 21st century, everyone should be provided with basic amenities. F.Q.A.R. appliances will take care of you.

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Simple solutions to challenging problems. Appliances not working? Schedule a visit with F.Q.A.R. specialist in your town and let us take a look at machine. After a comprehensive diagnosis our experts will be able to find out damages and suggest possible solutions. Highly recommended service team is ready to prove its competence and win new loyal clients

Quick repair of dishwashers. Here are some examples of common problems that can be fixed by our agents within hours or days, depending on degree of complexity:

  • dishes aren`t getting clean;
  • jammed filters;
  • glasses come out cloudy;
  • won`t drain/latch/turn on/off etc.;
  • won`t stop filling;
  • wash cycle takes too long or doesn`t complete.

Upgraded washers. If a washing machine is covered in dust, hair or debris, then it is high time to contact a handyman, because overworked devices work poorly and use too much energy. If you want to prolong washer`s life span, F.Q.A.R fixing team is here for you 24/7. Equipped with brand-new instruments, we can easily tackle a problem and make a washer performing its functions at the same level as before.

Get your freezers fixed. F.Q.A.R. technicians in Woodstock are looking forward to upgrading damaged or obsolete freezers and refrigerators. Contact us if:

  • food isn`t getting cold;
  • fridge is overworked;
  • ice is building up on the bottom;
  • defrost drain is clogged;
  • dripping on the floor;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • or makes loud noises etc.

Your oven will get a new life. If your oven is malfunctioning, our specialists are ready to offer the next options:

  • replacement of elements/buttons/glass;
  • upgrading;
  • improving of functions;
  • major and minor maintenance works.

You can always rely on us. Expert advice and high level of performance are guaranteed.

Efficient repair of dryers. If clothes aren`t getting dry or there is a stink, make an appointment with one of our agent. You`ll be amazed how quickly and effective fixing jobs can be. We offer individual approach and friendly service at reasonable prices. Model and brands don`t matter. Skilled technicians in Woodstock can put up dryers even in state of emergency or under time pressure.  Contact us via email or phone and get a quick response in couple of minutes.

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